Musical ringtones out… personalized messages in!

According to No Tie Software, musical ringtones are no longer the way to go anymore… instead, people want Talking Caller ID Ringtones! Their reason is that everyone has the same ringtone and that “you have to guess which tone is for which contact.” What I don’t understand is that I can set a specific ringtone for each one of my contacts, and I have never had a problem trying to “guess” who is calling!

No Tie Software has introduced their latest product 9,999 Ringtones Uncensored and AutoRingtone text to speech for both the iPhone and iPod touch. No Tie officials boast that users can choose from 20 different voices which includes voices such as British Man or Woman and can use more than 100 introductory sounds effects. This product also has the ability to have the contact’s name, title and personal message… all of which can be heard out loud! No thanks- I would like to pass on being that person standing next to you with that obnoxious ringtone! I do have to admit however, the Ringtones Uncensored and AutoRingtone PRO are a great steal for only 99 cents! Even better, MyMojo offers some pretty cool and classic ringtones for FREE!


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1.03 Billion Dollar “Free” Scams in Europe

I’ve just read an article about the EU’s fight against companies that focus on scamming teenagers with ringtone subscriptions that are shown as “Free.” More than half of those companies used Television Characters, and asked for permission from parents. Two companies named in the article were Vodafone and Telecom Italia.

Over 2/3 of the websites that were involved in the Billion dollar scamming were either forced out of business, or forced to change their advertising. Along with this, there was a total fine of about $3 Million. Now parents can rest at ease with a significantly lowered chance of having an unexpected charge on their next bill.

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Holiday music is in the air!

Hundreds of radio stations across the country have already started playing holiday music, and it’s not even time for Thanksgiving yet! For example, Utah’s KOSY FM-106.5 and KSFI FM-100 began airing holiday tunes earlier this month. It was reported by Inside Radio that all-Christmas stations will be charging more for ad rates this year based on their increases from holiday music last year. Traditionally, holiday music has boosted ratings for radio stations, but doesn’t it seem a bit too early to get in the holiday spirit? Well, if you would like to get an early start on Christmas, Sirius XM satellite radio has five holiday music channels which are all commercial-free!

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Apple vs. Nintendo

Just like the president of Nintendo Co. (Satoru Iwata), I myself am a huge Apple fan. I am proud to be the owner of some great gadgets such as the iPhone, iPod and Macbook Pro!

Remember when Nintendo came out with the original Game Boy hand-held gaming device 20-something years ago? Well, this month Nintendo is about to release a new version of its hand-held DS. Nintendo may be very popular among the portable gaming market today, but it looks as if they will be facing some major competition against the rise of the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. However, Mr. Iwata says that there is no rivalry between Nintendo and Apple because he believes that the two companies attract different consumers. Unfortunately, Apple’s head of marketing, Phil Schiller made it seem as if Apple has every intention to take out Nintendo when he said gaming devices such as Nintendo’s DS and Sony’s Playstation Portable don’t even compare to the iPhone and iPod Touch!

DFC Intelligence, a research firm, says Apple products will be dominating the portable game market for the next 5 years. According to DFC, profits from iPhone and iPod Touch games are expected to rise to more than $2.8 billion in 2014, as compared to the $46 million in 2008. Apple users can download videogames at the App Store… some are free and most are under $10. Meanwhile, Nintendo DS games are about $20.

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Users saving money by downloading Legally??

I’ve just read an article stating that ILLEGAL music downloading costs users more money than LEGAL purchasing. I know some of you are very confused by this statement, and so was I. But as I continued reading, they explained that people spend about 80% more money when they do it the illegal way. They buy CDs and some MP3s, and in the long run it turns out purchasing downloads legally actually saved some users a lot of money!

They also stated that many of the users in this study (about 1000 total) admitted to downloading illegal music, and 75% of them stated that they would buy legal music if only the price was right, and the availability was acceptable.

Now with this being said, all we need is a website that provides good quality music at a low cost. Hmm, that reminds me of a site called MyMojo. MyMojo actually provides Songs, Cell phone Ringtones, Wallpapers, Games, and applications at the best possible price. FREE! That’s right, I said 100% Free content at this website. There’s no sign up fee, and no risk when signing up. After all, they only ask for your email and for you to create a password.

Artists can even earn money on this website by putting their content up for free downloads. The site pays you back for each download you generate! So I suggest you upload today and start promoting your work. You can make it happen with the right support!

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The Fall of the Unlimited Choice in Subscription Music

In this economy, it is not surprising when we hear that the music subscription business is having a hard time. Lately, it seems as if the only way of making money in this world of digital music is to charge by the song. It seems as if people just aren’t going for the unlimited choice in subscription music anymore!

Yahoo! Music had the unlimited music for $12-$15/month, but soon shut down their service in February 2008 after losing too many people just a few months after they agreed to the payment. Yahoo! Music’s subscribers are now with Rhapsody. According to a blog called Music Ally, Nokia had some below expectations with only 107,000 subscribers sign up for its Come With Music service. It was announced by Real Network’s Rhapsody service that they lost more than 6% of their subscribers during the third quarter!

However, Lala, a web music service from California has been doing rather quite well. It was announced this week that Lala will be running the music section of the hugely popular Facebook’s Gift Shop. In addition, it is rumored that Lala will be running the results of Google’s music search- when searching for a band or a song, playable links at the top of the search results will appear. Lala only has a reported 1 million registered users, but with both the potential Facebook and Google deals, Lala could gain the 300 million Facebook members and the many billions of Google searches made everyday. The way that Lala works is that they allow you to play a track one time for free, then you have the choice of whether to purchase it for 10 cents as an unlimited use web song or purchase it for 89 cents as an MP3 download.

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Ringtones still going strong!

Nowadays, the music industry is growing fast, especially when it comes down to technology and the various ways of downloading digital music. It all began with Napster coming out in the late 90’s, but they shut down shortly thereafter. Then there was the effort to stop digital downloads, with arguments over whether music could be shared or not a certain way. Well, if you think all that was crazy, listen to this challenge that was taken to court! A mobile carrier was being sued for if a music artist’s ringtone happens to go off in public, it’s considered a public performance and is subjected royalties! Luckily, the court was in favor of the mobile carrier. Most of us have a ringtone, if not numerous ones set for our friends or family. Let us continue to take advantage of this rise of technology and digital music revolution… with, users have the power to download ringtones, music, wallpaper, etc. all for free!
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