Musicians Leverage Fans’ Social Networking Contacts To Promote New Music

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West Palm Beach, Florida- April 1st, 2009-

Over the course of the last twenty years, the music industry has undergone a revolutionary transformation. With CD sales slipping by more than 18% last year alone and 19 of every 20 tracks illegally downloaded, it has become essential for musicians to explore alternative and novel ways to market their content.

There has been a seismic shift in the distribution and consumption of music. The days of people waiting for a new album to drop and driving up to their local electronics store or retailer are gone. People are now browsing for new music online, checking out what their friends are in to, and then digitally downloading the track for later listening.

Artists can post a new track on their social networking profile and within weeks sometimes days it has garnered millions of plays. This has led many managers and record labels to wonder… how is this really happening? How can one track get that many plays in such a short period of time the music is not really being marketed.

Nicole Hollander hip-hop aficionado and an active online social networker has the answer. “I’ll listen to a track, and if I like it, I’ll forward it on to my friends or stream it from my MySpace profile.”

It didn’t take long before MyMojo, a digital media distributor, caught on to this phenomenon. Since people were already spreading music virally, they launched a digital street team platform, allowing fans to customize their social networking pages with audio, imagery, and video from the artist while at the same time competing for prizes.

MyMojo’s Chief Executive Officer, John Ferber, remarked, “The idea for an artist to market their music through a street team contest was nothing new. Street teamers have been around for years “pounding the pavement” to generate buzz about their favorite artist(s). The transition from offline to online marketing was inevitable. The dramatic impact of each street teamer’s influence was incredibly shocking.  Moreover by taking the street team concept in to the digital realm, we’ve augmented the power of each street teamer tenfold. Fans might talk about their favorite artist in a forum, and then instead of telling readers “go buy the album” (of which many of these fans would not because they would forget about it the moment they walked away from their computer), they are now saying “click here to get the free ringtone” or “download the full-length track to your computer.” There is instant gratification, and demand is being met at the point the request is being made.”

The street team contests typically run about six to eight weeks. MySpace, Facebook, AIM, Twitter, and many of the niche social media sites are the most active outlets for the street teamers to spread the word. Participants vie for highly valuable and unique rewards, including winning autographed paraphernalia, a day with the artist, private performances, and the like.
Many of the record labels feel that even if they really wanted to, they don’t have the time, budget, or human resources to reach the same audience as the street teamers. Additionally, there is a real sense of authenticity when the fan is touting the media instead of the artist plugging his own work. Fans enjoy interacting with other fans of the same artist or genre and recommendations amongst the group are taken much more seriously and carry a great weight.

Furthermore fans who don’t win a prize are still excited just to have taken part. The artist often offers everyone free media downloads, exclusive photos, and corresponds personally with the street teamer throughout the competition.
As the music industry struggles to stay afloat amidst a sea of piracy, declining product sales, and shrinking profits, unconventional marketing tactics, like digital street team contests, may just be the best life raft out there.

About MyMojo

The team behind MyMojo is a group of dynamic entrepreneurs with extensive experience in Internet Advertising, traditional marketing, and the wireless industry. Since inception, the MyMojo team has focused on offering consumers free content, including free music, images, and videos. The company’s Chief Executive Officer, John Ferber, founded one of the world’s first and largest online advertising networks, He is regarded as a pioneer in interactive marketing, consistently at the forefront of online advertising and new media development.


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