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The Internet Can Make You Famous

Everyone wants to be popular. You know, to feel connected somehow to the world around them and do that social thing – even the ones who stay home and rarely ever see the light of day. And with all the advances in internet technology, it’s actually possible for someone to have hundreds of friends, without ever having to actually speak to them in real life. This is why some people absolutely love social networks.

The thing is that pretty much everyone is a member of at least one internet social network or another; and businesses have recognized this. In a recent article, I read that people are twice as likely to use social networks, blogs, and gaming sites as to read newspapers. Because of this, companies have changed the way they market, connecting to sites like Twitter, MySpace and Facebook to reach their customers. And this doesn’t just apply to businesses. The internet is a great way to market music and has, in some cases, launched incredible careers for aspiring artists and musicians.

The key is to get yourself out there as much as possible, and there’s no easier place to do that than online. So if you’re trying to make yourself famous, then market yourself online – you definitely wouldn’t be the first internet sensation. Spread the word and share your music; who knows – you just might become the next big thing.


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Piracy vs. Privacy

So I just read a really interesting article today. Swiss courts have arrived with a ruling in favor of the anti-piracy company, Logistep – the case was brought up early this year by the Swiss data protection commissioner, because the company’s tactics violated the country’s telecommunication law. According to the article, “The court said that the monitoring and data harvesting activities conducted by Logistep raise privacy concerns, since the individuals it monitors have no idea what data is being harvested and stored about them. However, despite these worries the court decided that privacy concerns are trumped by the needs of the anti-piracy company, noting that a legal basis is not required for them to operate, since they operate exclusively in the private sphere.”

So basically, the company will be allowed to continue watching P2P users and gathering information on what these users choose to share and more importantly, what they choose to download. Obviously, this raises more than a few concerns about privacy. I guess it just goes to show how much of a problem piracy has become especially today, where a person can pretty much find a free version of anything online.

Personally, I think that it’s impossible to beat piracy, just because everyone wants free stuff. And although I am against getting content illegally, I can’t say I’ve never used P2P networks to get stuff before. So I’m understandably upset to know that someone can legally watch me if I decide to illegally download, say, the next Ian Erix single. But then again, it’s good to know that there are places where I can legally get it too. Kind of like right here.

-RySy @ MyMojo

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Cellphone Games are Cool Again

Do you remember back when pretty much everyone had one of these, and spent way too much time playing with snakes? I’m not gonna lie: that was pretty much my childhood. I actually bought my first cellphone for the games (I didn’t exactly have much to talk about with my friends, unless it was videogame related). No wonder I was a fat kid… But I did have a sweet high score.

More importantly, I remember what happened when someone decided to try and “improve” a good thing: mistake, after mistake, after mistake. Obviously many people would’ve disagreed with me, but I figured that if something was fun because it was simple, then it should stay simple. If I wanted to play a complicated game, I could’ve played my gameboy.

That being said, I realize now that there has always been a gap between the kinds of games I played in cellphones and the kinds I played in actual videogame consoles. The thing was that back then, the technology used for mobile phone games was just too far behind. Today’s cellphones are really different: developers can actually make games that totally immerse players. In fact with the rise of 3G technology, the mobile phone gaming industry is bigger than ever – and it’s growing quickly. There’s now a trend towards more complicated games, and I have to admit – simplicity isn’t as great as it used to be. And with so many great game developers around the world, I wouldn’t be surprised to see kids buy phones just for the games again. And it melts my heart…

By the way, if you want, you can check some of these sweet games out for yourself.

-RySy @ MyMojo

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Music… Business

It’s getting harder and harder to find art for art’s sake, especially when it comes to music. Obviously, you gotta do what you gotta do to make money, right? But I always thought music should be shared and not sold. Apparently I’m not the only one, judging from the millions of users of file sharing networks. Now, I don’t have a problem with paying for music; I use iTunes and eMusic all the time. But when I heard about eMusic’s decision to raise prices a few days ago, I couldn’t help but think of this.
As you may already know, eMusic is a successful indie music provider that has focused on charging people a comparatively low subscription that lets them download a limited number of songs every month. It also supported DRM-free MP3 files long before other providers. But now it seems like eMusic is beginning to lose its mojo, and all the things that made it successful in the first place. It got into a deal with Sony, which completely counters their focus on indie artists, and it raised its subscription prices too, which completely sucks.
I realize that music is a business, but it shouldn’t be all about the $$$.

RySy @ MyMojo

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Ringtones are HUGE

So I’m surfing through Google because I get bored easily, and I find myself wondering: who ever thought ringtones would get this big? It seems like every time I search for music, or movies, or television shows, or woodland critters, I get tons and tons of results that have something to do with ringtones. Ringtones have really come a long way, and it’s surprising to know just how far we’re talking about.
For one thing, Billboard now has a top ringtones chart (yeah, they actually rank ringtones now), and mobile companies like Telecom actually hold annual ringtone awards. Even entertainment associations like the IMA and BET have awards for ringtone categories (Flo Rida and T-Pain won at the BET awards last year). It just goes to show where the industry is going nowadays. Mobile phones are becoming more and more like mobile media devices than basic communication tools. Industry players have recognized this, and now everybody else is beginning to. If you don’t believe me: Google it. If you do, check this out.

-RySy @ MyMojo

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Is DRM Doing More Harm Than Good?

According to a recent report, conducted in Cambridge University by Prof. Patricia Akester and entitled “Technological accommodation of conflicts between freedom of expression and DRM: the first empirical assessment,” Digital Rights Management (DRM) may actually be causing people to turn to piracy.
Now, DRM is pretty much a collection of programs that control how internet content is being used. What this never-before conducted survey points out is that, due to stringent DRM restrictions, people who try to download content legally often have a hard time doing so. Basically they’ll run into walls and have to go through loops just to get certain media. So obviously, what they’ll tend to do next is go look for the pirated versions of the media that they want.
But downloading content legally doesn’t have to be so hard – or so expensive. In fact, with the recent trend toward ad-supported media, you can download content completely for free without being a pirate. Here at MyMojo, we offer ringtones, games, and music for free, and you don’t have to jump through hoops to get it. Check it out for some great free content, without that dirty piratey feeling!

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