Will illegal file-sharing cost you $1.92 Million?

July 2, 2009 at 5:10 pm Leave a comment

Today I stumbled upon an article (several times) about a woman being sued for illegally sharing music files on a P2P program. I’m sure we can all think of at least one person that has done the same. Sharing music illegally is very risky, (not to mention rude to the artists). But the people that do it nowadays think there’s no way for them to get caught. Either that or they’re just waiting for the day to come as they continue.

This woman was sued for $1.92 million for sharing 24 songs, even though she pleads not guilty and there’s no concrete proof that she was the one doing the illegal sharing. This case first went to trial 2 years ago, and the jury decided on a fee of $9,250 per song, meaning the defendant had to pay a total of $222,000. Unfortunately, the judge voided the first verdict because he had given faulty instructions to the Jury. After the 4 day retrial, (as if the previous amount wasn’t near impossible to reach as is) the verdict increased to $80,000 per song, or $1.92 million to be paid to the companies that reserve the rights to the songs. We all should know that in these times when a case arises that could lead to a gain of money; people drop everything and jump at the opportunity, especially in the music industry.

I’m pretty sure most of our American people nowadays don’t have 2 million dollars to shell out in the event of being caught sharing or downloading illegally shared music. And even if someone did, I’m sure it wouldn’t be at all convenient. So why do we put ourselves at risk when there is a site like MyMojo that gives its customers so many free pieces of content? Not to mention it’s 100% legal! So the next time you’re tempted to put yourself at risk, why not try a legit website first?

-D’haden @ MyMojo

Accessed: 07/02/2009


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