Mobile eBook Readers Are Where It’s At

July 31, 2009 at 3:47 pm Leave a comment

With everything going mobile these days, it’s important to understand the power we have in our hands. Java is the most powerful and portable system available on any mobile device and it’s really showing us how much fun we can have without being bound by one platform. Mobile phones of all shapes, sizes, and prices are emerging with the power of ebook readers as well as several open source pieces of ebook software that may require a little know how in order to install. Today’s tech savvy mobile media monkeys love to tinker with electronics and flashing lights, but what we don’t realize is that although we’re ahead of the game in the tech world, we’re missing the imagination and emotion that has been trapped away in the pages of famous literature. Luckily our good buddy technology hasn’t let us down yet and has given us a flood of great ebook software so that we too can experience the wonder of these works without putting down our devices.

There are numerous pieces of ebook software available on the consumer market in many shapes and sizes with a range of powerful abilities. From the mighty Amazon Kindle, a thin book sized piece of hardware used to download premium grade ebooks over wifi, to ebook clients for Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android mobile operating systems, to the open source java based read maniac made for any mobile device that runs the J2ME platform, these ebook software clients are bringing literature to techies the world over. Even if you don’t have a sophisticated mobile phone that makes installation of software easy, several self-executing ebooks that don’t require any external software, are available all over the web and of course MyMojo is a great place to find them.

Here at MyMojo we love our mobile media and software so much, we’d rather read ebooks on our pocket sized cell phones than run around a book store and throw hard earned dough down for ink and paper. We’re in no way against those who travel the old fashioned way, by sipping a warm latte and licking their finger to turn the page, but at least now we can both live in harmony.

Make sure to check out MyMojo’s library of ebooks. Why not read one with someone special? Grab a latte this weekend and relax with a good ebook. Happy Reading!


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