Every Gamer Hath His Day

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Back in 1997, as some of you will remember, the first mobile games were released (“Snake” being an all time favorite.) The popularity of the mobile game spread rapidly, and more and more games were created to tease the interest of different people. Some people may have avoided playing mobile games in order to avoid extra charges on their monthly bill; but with so many new releases, new titles, and new ways to play how can they not be intrigued by something? After all, everyone loves to play games now and then whether they realize it or not. Not speaking of only action or adventure games, but puzzles and inquisitive mobile games.
Mobile Games have continuously grown since 1997. Whilst not as big as the Mobile Music Market, the sales have been escalating almost as much. It definitely helps that demand is always high, and supply is virtually inextinguishable. Not to mention that content can be launched on a wide range of software that is supported on hundreds of devices today. This growth has been reflected as the value of the mobile gaming market reached $5.5 billion at the end of 2008, and is predicted to grow to $9.8 billion by the end of 2013 as mentioned on Dennis Seller’s Post.
Luckily for users on MyMojo, they can download games and other content 100% FREE! How great is that? That means you get Instant entertainment on your favorite mobile device with no extra money being sucked out of your wallets.

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-D’haden @ MyMojo


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