Keep your Friends Close, and your Fans Closer!

September 23, 2009 at 8:57 pm Leave a comment

I personally feel that it is nearly impossible to maintain a constant level of income (if not increasing) in the music industry without forming some sort of relationship with your fans. If you don’t know who your fans are and you don’t know what they like about you the most, how do you know who to perform for and what to perform for them?

This philosophy can be proven right even if you have no way to market your product. Let people have a sample of what you’ve got to offer, and ask those people to pass it on to their friends. Keeping in contact with these new fans will allow you to spread your talent exponentially, send invitations to future events, and build a solid fan base! You’re almost guaranteed to have these fans at your events if they’ve liked your talent before! And who goes to an event like that alone? Before you know it, fans are pouring in!

Luckily, nowadays you don’t have to go out in public and hand out CDs. You can take advantage of companies such as MyMojo to do your promoting. The great thing about MyMojo is it allows you to offer your content for free to over 4.3 million music lovers and counting! And it gets better. Once you create your free artist account, you will actually be receiving cash for each download you earn! How great is that? No cost to the user, meaning you will have tons of downloads if you promote it properly. Quick cash to you, meaning you can start a career promoting your own music! It’s like owning a restaurant without having to pay for materials to make food, rent, or utilities! Remarkable!

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-D’haden @ MyMojo


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Free Music is the Best Gift of All Some Grow Wings!

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