Some Grow Wings!

September 24, 2009 at 2:43 pm Leave a comment

Anyone can agree that artists generally follow the tides as Music sales travel up and down throughout the years. But the fluctuations are not always on a comfortable level. Recently, physical and digital sales have gone way down. Putting weight on most artists’ shoulders as they are restricted and money becomes less abundant.

Of course for an artist, income is still more than enough to live comfortably, so some of them adjust to the changes. Picture a collection of your favorite artists all falling off the same cliff. This would be an image of the fluctuation taking a great dive. But do you expect all to be happy with this fate?

No! Some artists break the sales barriers and even break their own records in down times by using new strategies of sales and advertisement. In a sense, these artists grow metaphorical wings and refuse to fall with the rest. Let’s take Radiohead for example. The release of In Rainbows became their most successful album. This was released late 2007, long after record sales began declining. With 3 million records sold [between digital downloads, physical CDs, and more] and a post-release tour with 1.2 tickets sold, how could anyone deny their efforts? Not to mention, that fans could choose their price when downloading the music! That’s right. You could get it for free if you wanted, or choose to pay as much as you want to purchase their CD. This was quite an unusual campaign but the band certainly profited from this.

Digital sales play a big part in today’s artists’ revenue. The content doesn’t sound any different when downloaded, it is definitely more convenient, and sometimes even more affordable! Why wouldn’t anyone take advantage of that? Let’s evolve!

Now here’s a question mainly for artists. How much more do you think your content would be downloaded if it was FREE? Definitely a lot more, because even people not interested in the music wouldn’t turn down a free track. Luckily there is a way to offer free content and still make a profit! Yes I did say give away FREE music and earn MONEY. Companies like MyMojo allow artists to do this crazy thing. As well as offer its users free Wallpapers, Ringtones, Tracks, Games, and Videos that can be downloaded by cell phone or to the computer. Remarkable!

Visit for more details!
For Artists, visit to grow your “Wings” and start making money!
-D’haden @ MyMojo


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