Yahoo Will Shell out $100M to Promote Its Brand and Products

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Since I was a young pup interested in surfing the web, and long before MyMojo, I remember that funny looking ‘Y’.  During the initial modern acceptance of the internet cirque 1996, few companies offered exceptional web services.  Of the few and far between that have kept their head above water since then, Yahoo has stood out as an entity where multiple web based services are rolled into one yummy e-sandwich.  Offering search, email, shopping, news, weather, and other regularly required web surfer services, Yahoo has maintained a foothold in this industry.

However if your like me, you’ve followed news about Yahoo’s struggle with Google and Microsoft for the online advertising space over the past few years.  And now with Yahoo selling off it’s search engine business to Microsoft, due to being unable to match the amount that Google and Microsoft are investing into their search engine functionality, Yahoo is turning in the direction of mobile advertising.

I’m sure there are plenty of critics out there who are thinking Yahoo’s decision is just too little too late but I don’t agree.  Yahoo has maintained an immensely powerful following for the numerous other services it’s been providing for over a decade.  Yahoo will continue to flourish with the services and features it offers but I must admit that I do agree with Fierce Wireless journalist Jason Ankeny’s statement “the deal means Yahoo will lose some of its most talented engineers to Microsoft, with layoffs resulting in as many as 400 additional employee losses. Moreover, the sale undermines years of investment around search solutions”.  As of right now the 1o year agreement for Yahoo’s search engine to be powered by Microsoft promises to deliver more relevant results as well as better pay offs for publishers and advertisers.  Microsoft has committed to a revenue sharing model with Yahoo in order to compensate them for the first five years of the agreement.

While  Yahoo’s search solution days are pretty much over, it will open up the window for maximizing the power of the rest of yahoo’s web service platform.  ‘PC World reports that Yahoo is launching an advertising campaign worth approximately $100 Million. Since the sale, Yahoo has begun efforts to truly build their platform into literally a one-stop-shop for all your web resource needs. Aside from the fantastically inviting user interface of Yahoo’s portal home page, accessibility of facebook, flickr, and yahoo messenger are all fully integrated. In my opinion, it’s far superior to igoogle and msn profiles.

With this campaign in place Yahoo hopes to not only attract new users, but to remind them that Yahoo wants to be the epicenter of their web surfing experience. We at MyMojo think that is just fantastic. Being that we offer our users a unique media sharing and critiquing experience we like to think of ourselves as the epicenter of your mobile media world. We in the ad-supported media industry give respect where respect is due. I think Yahoo’s initiatives are going to be a great success in the mobile advertising and web based portal world as they’ve expressed a number of very convincing factors as to why they forecast success for their affiliates and them together. For more info, definitely check out this article by Juan Carlos Perez from PC World online.



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