The Fall of the Unlimited Choice in Subscription Music

October 26, 2009 at 3:25 pm Leave a comment

In this economy, it is not surprising when we hear that the music subscription business is having a hard time. Lately, it seems as if the only way of making money in this world of digital music is to charge by the song. It seems as if people just aren’t going for the unlimited choice in subscription music anymore!

Yahoo! Music had the unlimited music for $12-$15/month, but soon shut down their service in February 2008 after losing too many people just a few months after they agreed to the payment. Yahoo! Music’s subscribers are now with Rhapsody. According to a blog called Music Ally, Nokia had some below expectations with only 107,000 subscribers sign up for its Come With Music service. It was announced by Real Network’s Rhapsody service that they lost more than 6% of their subscribers during the third quarter!

However, Lala, a web music service from California has been doing rather quite well. It was announced this week that Lala will be running the music section of the hugely popular Facebook’s Gift Shop. In addition, it is rumored that Lala will be running the results of Google’s music search- when searching for a band or a song, playable links at the top of the search results will appear. Lala only has a reported 1 million registered users, but with both the potential Facebook and Google deals, Lala could gain the 300 million Facebook members and the many billions of Google searches made everyday. The way that Lala works is that they allow you to play a track one time for free, then you have the choice of whether to purchase it for 10 cents as an unlimited use web song or purchase it for 89 cents as an MP3 download.

At MyMojo, users are able to download music and much more for free!


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