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Musical ringtones out… personalized messages in!

According to No Tie Software, musical ringtones are no longer the way to go anymore… instead, people want Talking Caller ID Ringtones! Their reason is that everyone has the same ringtone and that “you have to guess which tone is for which contact.” What I don’t understand is that I can set a specific ringtone for each one of my contacts, and I have never had a problem trying to “guess” who is calling!

No Tie Software has introduced their latest product 9,999 Ringtones Uncensored and AutoRingtone text to speech for both the iPhone and iPod touch. No Tie officials boast that users can choose from 20 different voices which includes voices such as British Man or Woman and can use more than 100 introductory sounds effects. This product also has the ability to have the contact’s name, title and personal message… all of which can be heard out loud! No thanks- I would like to pass on being that person standing next to you with that obnoxious ringtone! I do have to admit however, the Ringtones Uncensored and AutoRingtone PRO are a great steal for only 99 cents! Even better, MyMojo offers some pretty cool and classic ringtones for FREE!

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