About Us

MyMojo was created to offer the users what the mobile content market was lacking – a community environment with a large, diverse selection of FREE mobile content providing the ability to create, edit and then offer your content for profit. MyMojo was started in 2007 by a group of creative, experienced internet professionals with the goal to take the community environment and mobile content industry to the next level.

John Ferber, CEO
John Ferber, along with his brother Scott, was the Co-Founder of Advertising.com, which was acquired by AOL in 2004. John and Scott were named in 2000 as Entrepreneurs of the Year by Ernst & Young LLP. After taking a one-year hiatus John is back with his inventors cap on developing new Internet-based projects with a focus on fun and compelling entertainment.

Jason Ellin, CFO
Jason has worked as a financial and investment advisor for the past three years assisting individuals and businesses. Previously, Jason worked for Advertising.com heading up the company’s Northeast Operations. Jason started his career in finance at Bessemer Trust, a company engaged in wealth management. He is a graduate of Towson University where he earned a BS in Finance.

Erik Simons, Executive VP – Business Development
Since 1995, Erik Simons has founded several successful internet ventures that span the globe. With Companies based in the US, Canada, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, Mr. Simons’ main focus is in creating efficient and highly scalable solutions which allow for an aggressive capture of online media market share. Mr. Simons has been a regular consultant on IT issues for the governments of several European Union countries.

Jason Boshoff, Chief Operations Officer
Jason has over a decade experience in new media development and advertising. He graduated with a Business Degree in Technikon Natal, South Africa in 1992. His most recent accomplishments included marketing, branding, product development, operational planning, business development and market gain of POG and online positioning for impulse merchandise in large accounts including Amazon.com, JC Whitney.com, Wal-Mart.com, K-mart.com, Pep Boys.com, Sears, CSK Inc, and AutoZone.com.

John DeMayo, VP Business Operations
John’s most recent experience has included his role as Founding Executive and VP Client Delivery at Adchemy, a computational performance marketing company working in a number of internet advertising verticals. He is also an investor, advisor, or consultant to a number of companies in the internet advertising space including Consorte Media, DoublePositive Marketing, Turn, Inc, Media6Degrees and others. Previous to this, he held management level positions at Advertising.com including VP of Business Development, Senior Manager Delivery, and VP of New Product Development.

Rosemary R., Executive Vice President – Product Management
Rosemary has over 15 years of experience in finance, market research, project management, consulting, information technology and business start-ups. Prior to joining MyMojo she worked with several large organizations such as IBM, Price Waterhouse and Capital One where she was a key player in forming one of the largest credit card companies in the US.

During Rosemary’s tenure at Capital One she was responsible for IT projects, process re-engineering and application redesign that were critical for the launching of Capital One’s ground-breaking business ideas. Maximizing on her trilingual skills (English, Italian and Spanish) Rosemary spent her last years at Capital One working on the company’s European market research and expansion projects.

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