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Spiral Frog Hops To A New Domain

MyMojo Acquires Ad-Supported Digital Music Distributor Domain.
West Palm Beach, Florida- May 18, 2009-

MyMojo, a free distributor of mobile and online media, acquired the domain for an undisclosed sum. Unlike Spiral Frog’s unsuccessful efforts to monetize music through online advertising, MyMojo’s team harnesses their internet marketing expertise to strategically ensure that every content transaction is a profitable one. In addition to free music downloads, Spiral Frog and MyMojo site users can now also download wallpapers, videos, ringtones, and more to their cell phone or computer at no charge.



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Advertising is shedding new light on mobile device industry

Advertising in this day and age is becoming more and more dependent on giving your target audience a free taste before they’ll fork over their hard earned dough. And with the rise of mobile web 2.0 enabled devices like pda, smart phones, and net books, companies have a buffet of advertising possibilities in front of them. One of these rapidly developing industries is in the realm of mobile device software. For instance, Android, iPhone, blackberry, and windows mobile all support and pandora clients that allow for free music sampling. Other applications allow photo and video uploads, shopping, and live interactive games. Of course with the growing mobile market, applications that support free ringtone downloads in ad-supported environments like My Mojo are present on virtually every user’s mobile device. With today’s economy, companies will do and pay almost anything to get exposure as this article I found on Media Post aptly recognizes.


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Musicians Leverage Fans’ Social Networking Contacts To Promote New Music

West Palm Beach, Florida- April 1st, 2009-

Over the course of the last twenty years, the music industry has undergone a revolutionary transformation. With CD sales slipping by more than 18% last year alone and 19 of every 20 tracks illegally downloaded, it has become essential for musicians to explore alternative and novel ways to market their content.

There has been a seismic shift in the distribution and consumption of music. The days of people waiting for a new album to drop and driving up to their local electronics store or retailer are gone. People are now browsing for new music online, checking out what their friends are in to, and then digitally downloading the track for later listening.


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SpiralFrog Shuts Down

By Wendy Davis of MediaPost

The ad-supported music start-up once hailed as the next new thing, SpiralFrog, closed down this week.

The company arrived on the scene with great fanfare in 2007, touting itself as a means for consumers to get completely free and legitimate music downloads. News of SpiralFrog’s shutdown was first reported by Cnet.


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