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When Paywalls Aren’t Enough

By Eric Pfanner May 17th, 2009

PARIS — Will May 2009 mark the beginning of the end for the free, unfettered Internet?
From all the wailing on the Web — and the fist-pumping in some old-media redoubts — it might seem so.

In recent days, Rupert Murdoch, chief executive of News Corp., declared that he would end what he called a “malfunctioning” business: the free online newspaper. Other publishers, including The Guardian Media Group in Britain and The New York Times Co., which owns the International Herald Tribune, said they were examining ways to get readers to pay for digital news.



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Advertising is shedding new light on mobile device industry

Advertising in this day and age is becoming more and more dependent on giving your target audience a free taste before they’ll fork over their hard earned dough. And with the rise of mobile web 2.0 enabled devices like pda, smart phones, and net books, companies have a buffet of advertising possibilities in front of them. One of these rapidly developing industries is in the realm of mobile device software. For instance, Android, iPhone, blackberry, and windows mobile all support and pandora clients that allow for free music sampling. Other applications allow photo and video uploads, shopping, and live interactive games. Of course with the growing mobile market, applications that support free ringtone downloads in ad-supported environments like My Mojo are present on virtually every user’s mobile device. With today’s economy, companies will do and pay almost anything to get exposure as this article I found on Media Post aptly recognizes.


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