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Advertising is shedding new light on mobile device industry

Advertising in this day and age is becoming more and more dependent on giving your target audience a free taste before they’ll fork over their hard earned dough. And with the rise of mobile web 2.0 enabled devices like pda, smart phones, and net books, companies have a buffet of advertising possibilities in front of them. One of these rapidly developing industries is in the realm of mobile device software. For instance, Android, iPhone, blackberry, and windows mobile all support and pandora clients that allow for free music sampling. Other applications allow photo and video uploads, shopping, and live interactive games. Of course with the growing mobile market, applications that support free ringtone downloads in ad-supported environments like My Mojo are present on virtually every user’s mobile device. With today’s economy, companies will do and pay almost anything to get exposure as this article I found on Media Post aptly recognizes.



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Poe Boy Music Group Teams Up With MyMojo To Launch Digital Street Team Contest

Campaign Focused On Free Downloads Of Mista Mac’s New, Hit Single “Swervin” Featuring Flo Rida

West Palm Beach, Florida- April 21, 2009-
Mista Mac and Flo Rida, two of the most acclaimed hip hop artists under the Poe Boy record label, are teaming up with MyMojo for the release of the new track “Swervin”. Hip hop fans can register for free at MyMojo for the digital street team contest. The contest allows fans the opportunity to become involved with the artists on a grass roots level. Street teamers will encourage their friends and family to download the “Swervin” ringtone for free from MyMojo, competing to win artist autographed apparel and other special perks.


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History of the Mosquito Ringtone

The History of the Mosquito Ringtone

The mosquito ringtone is a ringtone that supposedly only kids can hear. The ringtone came onto the scene in 2005 from British inventor Howard Stapleton and was originally meant to chase kids and teens away because of it’s high-pitched, annoying sound. Only kids could hear this sound, so adults weren’t annoyed by the piercing, high-pitched frequency.

However, because adults couldn’t hear the sound, kids began to use this rintone in classrooms, temple, churches and anywhere else kids wanted to communicate with one another without alerting adults of their communications. You can download the mosquito ringtone and other free ringtones at MyMojo.

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