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Spiral Frog Hops To A New Domain

MyMojo Acquires Ad-Supported Digital Music Distributor Domain.
West Palm Beach, Florida- May 18, 2009-

MyMojo, a free distributor of mobile and online media, acquired the domain for an undisclosed sum. Unlike Spiral Frog’s unsuccessful efforts to monetize music through online advertising, MyMojo’s team harnesses their internet marketing expertise to strategically ensure that every content transaction is a profitable one. In addition to free music downloads, Spiral Frog and MyMojo site users can now also download wallpapers, videos, ringtones, and more to their cell phone or computer at no charge.



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Hilarious Mother’s Day Gifts

Mothers Day is May 10, 2009. A mother finds nothing more touching on Mother’s Day than a surprise. That’s just the way it’s always been. Our mothers feed, clothe, and raise us throughout our lives. They were always there when you needed a hand and always made sure you got to go on that special field trip. Interestingly enough all they really want for Mother’s Day is a surprise that says, “Hey, I wouldn’t forget you!”. But times are tough with this economy and everyone is getting more creative with gift ideas. From purchasing expensive, yet very practical gifts, to online bargain hunting, to just trying to give Mom a nice relatively cheap afternoon, there is no doubt we’re seeing trends shift in this market as much as any other. Sometimes great gift ideas are just fun quirky things to put a smile on Mom’s face. A cool idea if your short on cash and have access to your Mom’s cell phone is to hit up and check out the hilarious Mother’s Day ringtone. Download it to your mom’s cell without her knowing and call her Mother’s Day morning, you know she’ll appreciate it, because you took the time.

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Musicians Leverage Fans’ Social Networking Contacts To Promote New Music

West Palm Beach, Florida- April 1st, 2009-

Over the course of the last twenty years, the music industry has undergone a revolutionary transformation. With CD sales slipping by more than 18% last year alone and 19 of every 20 tracks illegally downloaded, it has become essential for musicians to explore alternative and novel ways to market their content.

There has been a seismic shift in the distribution and consumption of music. The days of people waiting for a new album to drop and driving up to their local electronics store or retailer are gone. People are now browsing for new music online, checking out what their friends are in to, and then digitally downloading the track for later listening.


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History of the Mosquito Ringtone

The History of the Mosquito Ringtone

The mosquito ringtone is a ringtone that supposedly only kids can hear. The ringtone came onto the scene in 2005 from British inventor Howard Stapleton and was originally meant to chase kids and teens away because of it’s high-pitched, annoying sound. Only kids could hear this sound, so adults weren’t annoyed by the piercing, high-pitched frequency.

However, because adults couldn’t hear the sound, kids began to use this rintone in classrooms, temple, churches and anywhere else kids wanted to communicate with one another without alerting adults of their communications. You can download the mosquito ringtone and other free ringtones at MyMojo.

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