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Thumbplay Leverages Social Networks To Sell More Ringtones

By Tricia Duryee of– Tue 12 May 2009 05:53 PM PST

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thumbplay, a New York-based mobile content provider, has launched a widget platform that allows artists and music labels to leverage social networks, like Twitter or MySpace, to sell ringtones and wallpapers. The platform, called OPEN Pro, can also be used by fans, who may want to link to their artist’s favorite song in a blog post they wrote about a concert.

Analysis and results from a test case after the jump?



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Digital Street Team Contests are the Wave of the Future

Everyone loves free stuff.  And of course with web 2.0 being in full swing, today’s internet based companies offer their public so much free merchandise for participating in generally fun activities.  With the explosion of online social networking, news and media sharing, and communication platforms, the question is no longer “Why would I waste time entering web contests?” but rather, “What good excuse do I have to not participate?  I’m on facebook and twitter all day anyhow!”  From coupons, books, and electronics to software and tickets, today’s online marketing thrives on how inviting the swag they give away is.  So it comes as no surprise that with digital piracy running as rampant as it is today the music industry is offering up an arsenal of giveaways and deals to draw the public away from the sickening sweet taste of pirated music.


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